Legion XIII Gemina Canvas


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Legion XIII Gemina Canvas

Legion XIII was levied by Julius Caesar in 57 BC, before marching against the Belgae, in one of his early interventions in intra-Gallic conflicts.

Legion XIII acquired the cognomen Gemina (“twin”, a common appellation for Legions constituted from portions of others) after being reinforced with veteran Legionaries from other Legions following the war against Mark Antony and the Battle of Actium. Augustus then sent the Legion to Burnum (modern Knin), in Illyricum, a Roman province in the Adriatic Sea.

In 271, the Legion was relocated when the Dacia province was evacuated, and restationed in Dacia Aureliana.

In the 5th century, according to the Notitia Dignitatum, a Legion tertiadecima gemina was in Babylon in Egypt, a strategic fortress on the Nile at the traditional border between Lower Egypt and Middle Egypt, under the command of the Comes limitis Aegypti.

This canvas print was re-touched and repaired by our designers. The dimmed colors and details were highlighted. The canvas print was made to be as livelier as possible by staying true to the original.

We did a proof printing and tested the quality of this painting. When you order; you’ll get a vibrant colored, highest quality digital print, (odorless) with protective lamination coating.


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100 cm x 70 cm, 70 cm x 50 cm, 50 cm x 30 cm


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